Top reasons for following a plant-based lifestyle includes the pursuit of better health, climate change emergency concern and unethical animal exploitation. From helping animals to protecting the future of our planet, there are many benefits of a plant-based diet. Did you know that the plant-based diet is one of the healthiest diets on this planet? Many people have managed to reverse their diseases on this diet and have experienced its many benefits. Before diving into the topic, I would like to put up a short disclaimer: This blog provides general information and discussions about health and related subjects. The content provided in this should not be construed as medical advice. The information is not a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

Firstly, I would like to talk about human anatomy. Every anatomical, physiological and embryological feature of humans places them in the class plant-based. The features are as follows:

  • The number and structure of teeth
  • Length and structure of the digestive tract
  • Position of the eyes. 
  • The character of nails
  • Functions of the skin 
  • The character of saliva,
  • The relative size of the liver 
  • Number and position of the milk glands
  • Position and structure of the sexual organs
  • The character of the human placenta 

There are many other factors that bear witness to the fact that humans are constitutionally made to eat plants. Several studies show that vegan diets may provide more fibre, antioxidants and essential plant compounds. They’re high in potassium, magnesium, iron, folate and vitamins A, C, and E. 

Plant-based diets are healthy, no doubt, but they will be healthier if planned properly. Because poorly planned vegan diets may not provide sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, selenium or zinc. That’s why it’s necessary to choose a whole food plant-based diet. Vitamin B12 is a waste product of bacteria found in soil. But due to the bad quality of soil, plants don’t get B12 which makes a plant-based diet lack vitamin B12. Animals eat from the ground so even they don’t get their B12. The farmers literally inject their animals with B12 so that they can tell people that their meat contains B12! Both vegans and non-vegans are B12 deficient so the only option is to take supplements or shots, depending upon the level of deficiency. For Vitamin D, the sun is the only source, so 15-20 mins exposure to the sun is the only option. Supplements can help if one doesn’t have enough time to soak in the sun. Since plants based foods are not mucus-forming, our systems function smoothly which reduces the risk of chronic diseases. In some areas of the world where populations consume a whole food plant-based diet, live active and healthy lifestyles even in their 90s and 100s! Amongst other lifestyle factors, plant-based diets support risk reduction by providing low calorie but nutrient-dense foods. They also support the avoidance of dietary carcinogens, a healthy gut microbiome and an improved hormone profile. 

Plants are easy to digest so the entire digestion process takes less energy and the leftover energy helps us heal both physically and mentally. This contributes to good mental health. Remember, thoughts are formed inside our gut so if our gut is clean and healthy then we won’t be having brain fog and clarity issues. The only thing we will be having is a clearer mind and good mental health. A clean gut also results in improved skin and hair health. Eating healthy and taking care of our body is perfectly within our control. Choose right, go vegan! When are you making the switch to a vegan lifestyle?



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