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In traditional India, getting “moksha” (liberation from misery) is considered as the ultimate target of a human ‘s life journey where people who do the good/right things eventually achieve moksha. In the light of this knowledge, Getmoksha focuses on helping people to make better choices in their daily life and attain the feeling of moksha easily while we are alive rather than waiting for the end.

Founded in 2015 by Rohan & Deepti, Getmoksha environmental foundation is a not-for-profit organization working towards raising awareness about the impact of animal treatment on the environment and creating medical facilitation centers for animals. We do so by conducting various activities such as tree plantation, awareness drives, outreaches, medical treatment for animals (stray or farmed), movie screening and providing sustainable alternatives easily at an economical rate.


Our aim is to educate people about how even the tiniest of their choices can have a major impact on the environment by introducing words like “Veganism” & “Plant based products” to the society and at the same time, making these products easily available to all.


Over the past several years, we have been successful in providing complete guidance and consultation to set up an exclusively vegan online portal (getmoksha.com). This has generated a demand for meat and dairy substitute products, which is crucial for our purpose because it cuts down on the number of animals being raised for food and the farmland used for them. Not only would this cause a significant drop in the greenhouse gas emissions, but it would also free up wild land lost to agriculture, one of the primary causes for mass wildlife extinction.

(Click here to know more about the relation between farmed animals and greenhouse gas emissions.)

We have conducted many sterilization camps for stray animals so that less dogs/cats suffer on the streets. Apart from that, giving assistance in the cases of animal diseases and animal accidents is a regular activity. Currently we are hosting a temporary animal shelter (in lohegaon) where stray cats/dogs are sterilized, treated if needed, and sent back to their respective places.


Animal love is more than just buying a pet for ourselves. It starts with us making better choices in our daily lives which are beneficial to every species on this planet.


A change in its true sense can come only when we educate the youth about making sustainable choices because the future would be led by them.


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