Educate Everyone

We conduct awareness outreaches via various mediums, like street activism, seminars for educational institutions, documentary screening, leafleting and various online / offline campaigns. All these activities primarily focus on educating people about the main reasons behind ecosystem imbalance & the steps that can be taken in to combat it. The goal is to spread knowledge about how adopting a plant based lifestyle is beneficial for all. We also make sure that with every new order received for our plant-based products, a booklet with all this information is given.

Although we have a team dedicated to conducting awareness outreaches and events where information is passed on by various means stated above, people who wish to volunteer for these campaigns are always welcome! 

We also tie up with generous organizations by aiding / providing them with the necessary resources and data for carrying out such activities. If you are from any organization (located in Pune) having a similar goal and require support / assistance, you can reach out to us on: