Help The Hurt

Many stray animals suffer from minor injuries, skin diseases, maggots, fever, dehydration etc. which require simple first aid treatment that can be done on the spot. These cases are less severe and hence many relief centers (being preoccupied with more serious cases) do not take them up as they can be done by citizens / volunteers on the spot. Moreover, many animals are scared or by nature do not easily trust humans (in the case of cats) and hence 

Through our help the hurt initiative, we provide the required tools & knowledge to our volunteers / citizens who wish to help the injured animals that reside nearby their location. Moreover, we extend our support in terms of first aid kit, food, water, clothing and other requirements to not only stray animals, but all kinds of creatures including birds, aquatic beings, amphibians, horses, cows and so on. Many stray animals / birds adapt & survive well on the streets if these basic necessities are given, which actually turn out to be life saving for them especially during bad weathers when many of them die due to extreme heat/cold, dehydration, hunger etc.

If you are someone who wants to help the animals nearby your area but don’t know how, here are some basic guidelines on how you can help them.

If the situation still persists, contact us on: