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Small Act, Big Impact!

Have you heard about the butterfly effect? Its is a famous theory coined by Edward Lorenz (A meteorologist) in the 1960’s, where he metaphorically described the changes in weather conditions by using the example of a butterfly. He said that “A¬†butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can produce a tornado in Texas“. The same applies to our small actions bringing about a major transformation in the world.

Why do we need a transformation?

If we look at the initial years of mankind, there was more harmony and interdependency between humans, animals & nature. There was never a need to interfere with the natural flow of systems like food chain, climate, plants, oceans etc. However if we look at the world today, rising population and lifestyle has increased the demand for certain goods/services that have become detrimental to the life of humans &. For example, heavy consumption of artificially bred animals for meat & dairy are causing diseases like cancer, heart conditions & diabetes, animal farming is leading to deforestation that’s causing wildlife extinction, use of plastics is polluting the environment & killing many land & sea animals, and the list goes on…

Broadly speaking, the main reason behind this rift in human-nature relationship was lack of knowledge. In the initial stages, humans did not have the slightest of an idea that their activities would damage the ecosystem & bite them back in ways unimagined.

However, same is not the case in today’s scenario. Knowledge is available in the form of research papers and reports that point out to one common fact, i.e. with the rate at which our current activities are damaging the environment, it wont be long when we will see ourselves struggling for basic things like clean water, clean air, good food & good health that are easily available right now.

How will your donation help solve these problems?

At Getmoksha, we aim to restore the balance in our ecosystem where all humans, animals and elements of nature co-exist peacefully and for this reason, we conduct activities in two main areas: Environment & Animals

Activities include (but are not limited to) tree plantation, cleaning up plastic waste and educating people about these issues, helping the stray dogs, promoting plant based alternatives over animal-based foods & educating people about veganism. All are all geared towards benefitting the environment by reducing land use, energy use, promoting co-existence of humans & animals, cleaning the air, water, soil and many more. Some of the activities also involve leafletting, & distributing food for the poor for the general benefit of our society as a whole.

The donations received will be utilized in campaigns that are directed towards solving the major problems of mankind, including (but not limited to) climate change, energy use, health issues, pandemics, world hunger and so on…

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