Free all Farms

Animal cruelty is not just limited to stray animals, but extends to all those industries where animals are needlessly exploited as mere commodities for profit. From all those industries where animals are used (entertainment, experiments, recreational, clothing, accessories etc..), farming is one of the most cruel practices due to various reasons.

For these reasons, our target to free all the animals from factory farms is a primary goal. This can be achieved if our food habits shift from consuming animal products to plant based options.

Encouraging plant – based cooking 

Before jumping on to knowing how we encourage a plant-based lifestyle, let’s look at some quick stats about the plant based food industry, which will help you understand the importance and reason behind conducting these activities.

Plant based cooking is easy, healthy, beneficial for the environment & animals, consumable by any age group and many of the items prepared can be packed and made available to all! 

Backed by the motive to address these aspects, we conduct activities free of cost such as vegan food tasting /  distribution events, online / offline workshops, training sessions and competition programs for all those who are interested in knowing about plant-based cooking! These activities cover a wide range of food items, such as cakes, cookies, cooked food, milk alternatives, meat alternatives, sweets, chocolates, simple homely food and so on. The workshops and training sessions majorly target rural women, encouraging their financial independence by giving them revenue generating options. 

We also tie up with generous organizations by aiding / providing them with the necessary resources and data for carrying out such activities. If you are from any organization (located in Pune) having a similar goal and require support / assistance, you can reach out to us on: